I am delighted to share my artistic practice with all bodies with/out movement and dance experience in the frame of workshops on the following topics.

Saturday Digestion

Please rest, meditate, daydream!

Once a month, my collaborator Akemi Nagao and I co-facilitate a Saturday digestion session that invites us to slow down and process the exuberant information we take in on a daily basis. Inspired by Barbara Dilley’s Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) we provide a clear structure of doing less and at the same time becoming more sensitive and attentive to our individual and collective needs and the ecologies we co-inhabit.

Each session is framed by a combination of meditation practice, movement practice, verbal/non-verbal individual reflection, and collective exchange.

Interpersonal Fictions

How do we encounter an absent body?

In this workshop, my collaborator Ilana Reynolds and I share the methods and practices sourced from our choreographic approach Imagined Choreographies on absent bodies. By providing tasks, exercises and movement scores, we stimulate new creative practices dealing with a sense of being together whilst being physically apart.

For example, writing a letter to an absent other or experimenting with telepathic movement scores.

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