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Sabrina Huth currently lives and works as a freelance dance artist in Berlin. By means of contemporary dance, poetry and experimental film she explores in a subtle yet radical way what interpersonal encounters could mean for us today. Individually and as part of various artistic collectives she practices empathy, intimacy and forms of togetherness. Since 2018 and in collaboration with Ilana Reynolds, she has been developing the choreographic approach “Imagined Choreographies” to research the potential of physical absence to expand the body into the state of fiction and the in-between. Since 2020, she is co-founder and artistic director of the feminist collective “Tanzwut”. Together with Nina Baun she realises projects for and with girls* and women* dealing with anger as creative force.

Sabrina is a graduate of the MA Artistic Research at the Amsterdam University of Arts and Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (2019), the diploma studies Psychology at the University of Vienna (2015) and the Teachers Training for Holistic Dance and Movement Pedagogy at the Institute INGATA, Vienna (2015). She is also a passionate Roller Skater.

Photo @ Christina Häusler

Artist Statement

*Work in progress*

Photo @ Christina Häusler



Stories of Absence – Performance Installation. Concept & Choreography: Ilana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth, Editing: Ester Eva Damen, Spatial Design: Joris Berger. Contributors: 43 International Artists. NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam.

Publication As I project into your future, you sit in my past, Contact Quarterly 45, 1. 2020.


Screening You are here. Dance Documentary. Choreography & Performance: Ilana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth. Camera & Editing: Ester Eva Damen. Gallery ColorElefante, Valencia, Spain.

Contact Exhibition – Group Improvisation. Concept: Natascha Golubtsa & Angela Mara Florant. Performance: Angela Mara Florant, Birte Heinecke, Jori Snel, Markus Hoft, Mireia Aragones, Natascha Golubtsova, Sabrina Huth, Teresa Hoffmann, Trinidad Martinez, Wiktor Skrzypczak. Triade, Hamburg. 

Habitat/ Halle E – Choreography: Doris Uhlich. Performance: Ensemble of 100 performers. Halle E, Tanzquartier Vienna. 

Common Ground – Music meets dance meets music. Performance: Sabrina Huth & Alex Zampini, Music: Alex Zampini, Tanzfabrik, Berlin. 

Dance with me – A Fictional Duet. Concept, Choreography & Performance: Ilana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth. Modes of Capture Symposium, Dublin Dance Festival, Ireland.

You are here – Performance Installation. Conceptt, Choreography & Performance: Ilana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth. Gallery Stichting La Jetee, Amsterdam.


Involution – Durational Solo Performance. Concept, Choreography & Performance: Sabrina Huth. Gallery De Punt, Amsterdam. 

A dance for legs and ass(es) – Concept & Choreography: Ton Bogataj. Choreographic Assistance: Sabrina Huth. Performance: Lara Bogataj & Sabrina Huth, Zuhause Interdisciplinary Art Platform, Groningen.


Fucktory – Pleasure Ritual II. Choreography & Performance: Ton Bogataj & Sabrina Huth, Schikaneder, Vienna.


Pornercise – Pleasure Ritual I. Choreography & Performance: Ton Bogataj & Sabrina Huth, WUK Im Flieger, Vienna. 

Naturkraft-Tanzkraft – Site-specific Performance. Concept & Choreography: Sabine Parzer. Visual Arts: Nadja Meister. Performance: Christian Lechner, Sabine Parzer, Sabine Müller, Sabrina Huth and Veronika Brandt, Viertelfestival Niederösterreich, Austria.

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